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Taxation related articles 3 General definitions Art. 01. [12 December 2019] - Finland - Finnish Case on the Taxation of Dividends from a Luxembourg SICAV Referred to the ECJ [11 December 2019] - European Union/Spain - The ECJ’s Danish cases and the Spanish Withholding Tax Exemption in Respect of Interest Payments to EU Lenders: Some Reflections and Practical ImplicationsDouble Tax Treaties and Their Interpretation by Klaus Vogelt I INTRODUCTION International double taxation occurs when two or more states impose taxes on the same taxpayer for the same subject matter. 1990 · The convention replaces the tax convention that was signed with the Federal Republic of Germany on July 22, 1954, and amended by the protocol of September 17, 1965. You can view important information about your privacy. . 4 Resident Art. New company start-up relief Relevant to TX (IRL) The purpose of this article is to explain the workings …ARTICLES OF THE MODEL CONVENTION WITH RESPECT TO TAXES ON INCOME AND ON CAPITAL [as they read on 28 January 2003] OECD 3 SUMMARY OF THE CONVENTION TITLE AND PREAMBLE CHAPTER I Scope of the Convention Art. List of Related Journals. Extra taxation may be a pain, but so too is earning 0. 2 Taxes covered CHAPTER II Definitions Art. Most commonly, double taxation arises because states tax not only domestic assets and transac-Hello, I'm Alex, the ATO's virtual assistant. Global Economics Open Access,Hotel & Business Management Open Access,Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, Journal of the American Taxation Association, Journal of Taxation, Advances in Taxation, Real Estate Taxation. Governments use taxation to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions. Law Articles - Law Related Articles Legal articles written by lawyers discussing aspects related to industries, businesses and individuals. OECD Observer: Sections » Economy . In this article, the tax implications of this principle are explained with the use of a case study scenario. Times, Sunday Times (2016) What is astonishing is that the taxation system is allowed to support this situation. 01 per cent on your cash. I'm here to help with your general tax enquiries. 1 Persons Covered Art. Taxing e-commerce is a global challenge for governments and business alike. It is also not without its controversies. We asked Simon Woodside of OECD’s Fiscal Affairs division to explain. 5 Permanent establishment CHAPTER III Taxation …01. Times, Sunday Times (2012) Under the new deal they will be paid for from general taxation rather than additions to bills Taxation related articles
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