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Asprey taxation review committee W. ] Home. C. 2009 · Canada, Report of the Royal commission on Taxation (‘carter Report’) Vol 2, The use of the tax system to achieve economic and social objectives (1966) ch 1. He was interested in public policy as demonstrated by his involvement in the work of the Taxation Review Committee in the 1970s which led to the landmark Asprey Report, with Graham’s contribution particularly in the context of the gift and estate duty. In 1985, the Australian government released a draft White Paper which recommended a broadening of the tax base through the adoption of a broad-based consumption tax, the introduction of a capital gains tax andEuropean Union Taxation and Customs Union; Government research bodies and non-profit organisations. Asprey Committee Review. The story of how the Turnbull government stitched up the poorest policy by a Liberal government in decades is told in one short letter to The Australian from a former Treasury official and an Valuation under GST/VAT- Some preliminary findings from a comparative study of Australia and South Africa: – The good and services tax bill which is hold in government desk from last 15 year is now again in the chance of commencement. McLure, The Value-Added Tax: Key to Deficit Reduction? 45-46Justice Kenneth Asprey on grandfathering super law changes Though contemporary statespersons appear to have overlooked, grandfathering considerably adverse super law changes has a respected 40-year account in Australia. Howard took up the demand in 1978 as Treasurer but his A. 16). This paper attempts to contribute to this small body of literature by investigating the comparativeindependent review of Australia’s tax system, the Asprey process of the 1970s (and the Asprey Report is generally credited with setting the tax reform agenda since 1975 – it was the first to recommend for example the GST and imputation). the Final Report of the Taxation Review Committee ('the Asprey Report'), which is widely regarded as the origin of much of the tax reform that has occurred in Australia since 1975. 7 These refer to the ill-fated Treasury’s Option C for a Retail Sales Tax; see National Tax Summit, Record ofDividend Imputation: A Critical Review 3 • 1 July 1987 – imputation system partially based on the Asprey Committee report • To eliminate double taxation under the classical system • End result is that the total tax burden for Australian resident shareholders is their marginal rate of taxHe was a justice of the inaugural NSW Court of Appeal, and a companion of the Order of St Michael and St George was awarded to him in recognition of his services to the law. Although controversial at the time, the Asprey report on taxation has acted "as a guide and inspiration to governments and their advisers for the following 25 years. , (1975), Taxation Review Committee, Full Report, Canberra, AGPS (Asprey Report) paras. The system adopted was a shareholder credit account system which tracked income minus tax paid at the corporate level. Symes Over the past couple of decades there has been a series of literature in the social accounting field that indicates a gradual increase in the amount of social disclosure The Asprey Committee report also took this view ( Taxation Review Committee, Full Report, 31 January 1975, para 8. Written in 2008. Taxation Review Committee. Full Report January 31 1975 Taxation Review Committee Australia. A key theme of the Asprey Report was the need to broaden the tax base. Speaker, the Budget brought down by the Treasurer consolidates and advances the achievements which the Government has already madeProposals for identity (ID) cards have provoked public outrage and political division in several countries. Asprey Report – Australia. Australia has a rich history of tax policy reviews. However, we think that the better view is that 'incurred' has a consistent meaning in the income tax law and does not vary according to the accounting treatment of the corresponding item of income. Basic Income proposals, at least in their 20 th and 21 st century western manifestations, most commonly involve a payment made to individuals rather than to families, households or any other group of people. " The Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee, Full Report, Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service, 31 January 1975 at paras 15. for the support of a government”1. Author profilesimplicity. Apps P. F. 1975, English, Book, Government publication edition: Full report, 31 January 1975 / Taxation Review Committee. However, these changes have been primarily concerned with income tax reform. Thoughts on my current interests as a retired man of leisure. In the last paragraph of the preface, the committee said: “In conclusion, the Committee would like to make it clear that, in undertaking a task of such magnitude, set by its terms of reference, it has always had a fullWe provide a cautionary tale from Australia of how comprehensive tax reform legislation in 1985 substantially altered Australian top income series, especially those that do not separate taxable realized capital gains from other taxable income. Charges will apply. R, Lane, who is also a member of the Commonwealth Grants Commission, and Dr. 1975, Full report, 31 January 1975 / Taxation Review Committee Australian Government Publishing Service Canberra Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia's template documentation for further citation fields that may be required. Justice Ken Asprey’s review shifted the emphasis away from tax policy motivated solely by the adequacy of revenue to312 Index consolidation regimes, 57, see also model consolidation regime countries using, 43–44, 56 interactions with other parts of the income tax system, 232–233Given the politics of taxation in Australia, it is perhaps understandable that, since the 1930s onwards, there has been a series of reviews, inquiries, and Royal Commissions into the federal tax system. 4 The Sales Tax had commenced in 1930 and was imposed on the last wholesale sale of goods for consumption in Australia. The Asprey Committee sought submissions on taxa recommendation by the Asprey Committee in 1975 and as proposed in the 1985 Draft White Paper. 2 4. 10] indicated that it was not clear whether the creation of present entitlement after the …6 Australian Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee, Full Report 31 January 1975 (Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1975) 35. IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: A PRELIMINARY VIEW. Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee2. 3 Australia, Taxation Review Committee Report (Asprey), Canberra: AGPS, 1975. REFERENCES zyxwv Asprey Report, Taxation Review Committee, Full Report, Canberra 1975. 24. 32. I will leave it to you to decide, who, among the political and other players over this period, best encapsulates King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table: Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin …Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Python, and the Asprey, Taxation Review Committee-Report were both released in 1975. Under that systemEmbargoed until deliveryF7/ 0 FOR PRESS 15 SEPTEMBER 1977 BUDGET DEBATE Mr. 1Australia’s Capital Gains Tax Discount: More certain, equitable and durable? Dr Paul Kenny, Associate Professor in Taxation Law, Flinders Business School, Flinders University 1. , Charles E. Please contact the Tax Institute library for assistance. Abstract: This item is not available for download from this website. CCH iKnow has a webpage containing useful information on residency. It cited three arguments which have been put forward (Mirrlees et al. The Liberals have broken the seal; after 08. Hewson, Tax, Reform, Tax reform Search this site. 16–15. Publication date: 01 Dec 74 | Source: AUSTRALIAN TAX REVIEW Issue: VOL. Looking at company tax, Asprey and his colleagues recommended a form of imputation that Preliminary report, 1 June 1974. The GST was introduced on 1 July 2000 to replace the Sales Tax and certain State taxes. Graham combined the best of the academic and the professional in taxation. Credits were not refundable under that system. 5 The manner in which this was achieved was by way of an exemption system, such that the tax Contributed by Cindy Chan, Tax writer, Wolters Kluwer, CCH This article was published in Taxation in Australia 49(5) p 253 – 257. 1 One of the potential reforms to be considered by the Henry Review is a proposal by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and Deloitte for the introduction . It has not, however, been so widely observed that the Rudd review process should logically The Henry Review of the tax system creates a clear break with past views on the taxation of capital incomes. Harry Clarke. [K W Asprey; Australia. A key theme of the Asprey Report was the need to broaden the tax base to improve equity and efficiency. Australia. Abstract. 22. 3. Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee Asprey, K. Universal Health Insurance Reform in China. 7-3. [P J Cowdroy] Home. He also chaired a committee on taxation review, and the resulting report was widely influential and has been frequently referred to in very recent times. Wealth taxation has proven a politically sensitive issue subject to little • the Asprey Taxation Review Committee, 1975 (preliminary report in 1974); • the in-house government review and Draft White Paper on Reform of the Australian Tax System, 1985 and • the Review of Business Taxation , A Tax System Redesigned, 1999 chaired by John Ralph AO The recommendations in this last tax review ( “Ralph Report In 2008 the Australian government announced that a major tax review would be undertaken (the Henry Review) to consider the future of the Australian tax system in the light of the challenges of the 21st century. and Rees R. Ball, R. The Senate Committee should invite and consider public submissions and objections. Individual rights, collective rights and Basic Income. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library View Asprey Report. model began with the Asprey and Campbell reports. G, Clark, The views The Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee (Asprey Committee) was formed in 1972, and developing submissions to the committee made up much of the Institute’s activities in the first half of the decade. There were various reasons for this, but there are many recommendations in the pages of the Henry Review …The corporate elite has long demanded consumption taxation. It was their objective to offer alternative taxation policies that would balance the need forIn fact this was identified some 40 years ago in the Asprey Taxation Review committee report back in 1975 which recommended that the weight of taxation should be shifted towards the taxation of goods and services and away from the taxation of income,” the IPA said. Create The taxation of companies and the Asprey Committee Report The taxation of companies and the Asprey Committee Report Publication date: 01 Jan 76 | Source: THE TAX INSTITUTEthe complexities of tax simplification: an analysis of australian tax reviews introduction the utility and effectiveness of tax reform in australia hasAsprey Committee Review. 4. In theorTrove: Find and get Australian resources. Comments PostsMichèle Asprey is a lawyer and plain language writing specialist. Some nine years after IT 328 was written, Taxation Review Committee, Commonwealth of Australia, Taxation Review Committee: Full Report (AGPS, 1975) (‘Asprey Report’) [15. , 2011, Chapter 6): First, some argue that access to some goods is an end to itself; a …10See James, supra note 6, at 327 (noting that the Asprey Report was the first official consumption tax recommendation in Australia). W. The further increase in taxation largely reflected Australia’s involvement in the war and the introduction of government support programmes, such as the widows’ pension in 1942 and unemployment relief in 1944. 5 Liberal and National Parties, Fightback! - Its your Australia, Canberra, November 1991. Abstract This article considers the timeliness of the decision in Esquire Nominees as regards the test of central management and control in A brief history of Australia’s tax system 3 By the end of the Second World War, taxation revenue had grown to over 22 per cent of GDP. However, it was not until the enactment of the Freedom of Information regime in 1982 that the taxation …Land value taxation - Meeting the principles of transparency in ‘Good Tax Design’ FIG Working Week 2012 Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage Rome, Italy, 6-10 May 2012 1/15 Land value taxation Meeting the principles of transparency in ‘Good Tax Design’ Vince MANGIONI, AustraliaTaxation Review Committee, Full Report (1975) (Asprey Report) Review of Business Taxation, Report — A Tax System Redesigned: More Certain, Equitable and Durable (1999) Ralph Review of Business TaxationThe Asprey Committee report also took this view (Taxation Review Committee, Full Report, 31 January 1975, para 8. 2 The first proposal for a formal system was made in the 1975 Asprey Review, which recommended creating a system …the Final Report of the Taxation Review Committee ('the Asprey Report'), which is widely regarded as the origin of much of the tax reform that has occurred in Australia since 1975. 7 Diamond, P 1998, ‘Optimal income taxation: an example with a u-shaped pattern of optimal marginal tax rates’, American Economic Review, vol 88, pp 83-95. Criteria for Tax Systems. 09. That review is due to be completed byA Model Idea? 1 A Model Idea: Is the ICAA proposal for a tax transparent company the ideal model for Australia? By Brett Freudenberg * * Senior Lecturer – Taxation, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland. ,Major proposals along the way have been:? 1975 the (Asprey) Taxation Review Committee, which advocated the adoption of a VAT;? 1985 the (Labor Government’s) Draft White Paper on Reform of theThe Mirrlees review of taxation considered whether there were legitimate grounds for departing from this approach. g. As Malcolm Turnbull has correctly observed, a review conducted under the leadership of Ken Henry and Greg Smith manifestly fails to satisfy this requirement. 6 strong price …Legal recoverability and accruals tax accounting Legal recoverability and accruals tax accounting Publication date: 01 Dec 72 | Source: AUSTRALIAN TAX REVIEWthe seminal text, Income Taxation in Australia: Principles of Income, Deductability and Tax Accounting, by Ross Parsons. 2 The first proposal for a formal system was made in the 1975 Asprey Review, which recommended creating a system of private binding rulings on a …Crime Commission (ACC), the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) investigating the use of tax havens by Australian taxpayers in what is alleged as criminal activity. I, Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer, pursuant to Parts 2 and 4 of the Productivity Commission Act 1998, hereby request that the Productivity Commission undertake a study into the zone tax offset and related remote area tax concessions and payments. He was not Asprey Taxation Review Committee, the fi rst comprehensive review since 1934. “The Labor Party wouldn’t even do this,” says my long-time friend Graham Haycroft, a party policy committee chairman in the Queensland LNP. 12 Although one of its chapters focused on superannuation, that chapter did not discuss equity as an issue at all. The fi rst full-scale review of tax policy was the Asprey Committee which commenced in 1972. 2 There have been calls for all of this information to be made publicly available, see for example, the 1975 Asprey Report of the Taxation Review Committee. (2010) ‘Australian Family Tax Reform and the Targeting Fallacy’ Australian Economic Review 43(2), 297-323. The catalyst for this reform was a growing concern about the equity of the taxation system, which led to the establishment of the Taxation Review Committee in the early 1970s (Asprey et al 1975). 11 The Asprey Taxation Review Committee saw that equity meant fairness in the distribution of the tax burden. Search. Taxation Review committee (‘Asprey Report’), Full Report (1975) 13. 1 The Asprey Review Under its chairman, the Honourable Mr Justice K. I began that lecture1 with the metaphor of a super nova, which, my encyclopedia tells me, is a phenomenon associated with …6 Asprey et al. Three areas of the tax reform remain outstanding - wealth taxation, State tax reform and commodity tax reform. 27 (1975). The work involved in producing the submissions highlighted the need for dedicated tax research. a compulsory payment of a percentage of income, property value, sales price, etc. The important recommendations of the Asprey Committee did not manifest themselves in legislative form for over ten years after the release of the Full Report. Several taxTaxation Income Taxation: An Institution in Decay ROSS W PARSONS * INTRODUCTION In 1986 at the time of my approaching retirement from the Law School, I was privileged to give the 1986 Sir Wilfred Fullagar Memorial Lecture at Monash Law School. Committee (the Ross Committee) in 1967, Australia's Asprey report in 1974, the report of the Swedish Royal Committee on Taxation in 1976, the United States Treasury's Blueprints for Basic Tax Reform in 1977 , and the report of the Meade Committee published by the United Kingdom Government in 1978. Every day something is written about taxation whether it be in the local newspaper or in preparation for a practitioner publication or revenue authorities planning different ways of extracting more tax from corporations and the community. 3 (4) Pages: pp281-284. A main emphasis in the proposed review would be After twelve years of Howard/Costello, 25 years since the Tax Summit and 30 plus years since Asprey, it is clearly time for an independent review. In 1985, the Draft White Paper recommended a Fact or fiction? A sustainable tax transparent form for closely held businesses in Australia By Dr Brett Freudenberg* Abstract Currently a comprehensive review is being undertaken of the Australian tax system (the Henry Review). In August 1976, the Taxation Institute of The objective of Asprey committee review included tax levy on value- added tax at the level of wholesale marketing so that the burden of tax charges should not be on income taxation rather on goods and services taxation[4]. The Webster’s Dictionary defines tax as “ . 2, p. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Asprey, K. The Committee rejected these proposals, because the law could not resign its function of determining the basis of income tax in favor of the professional September 2011. The Government’s and Treasury’s Home; Profile & comments policy – please read before commenting. Taxation Review Committee Asprey Chair Full Report 1975 AGPS 208 147 1995 5 from FINANCIAL BBUS at Victoria AUCommonwealth of Australia: Taxation Review Committee Persons, Organisations and Companies who made Submissions to the Committee Studies Prepared for the Use of the Taxation Review Committee Which Their Authors Agree may be PublishedSince 1950, in addition to a number of reviews by Parliamentary committees and government-appointed officials or bodies including the Australian National Audit Office, the Inspector-General of Taxation, and the Board of Taxation, tax has been examined by half a dozen external independent committees: the Spooner Committee, the Hulme Committee The Asprey report and taxation of companies. Fairness, efficiency, Simplicity, growth, Stabilization. Asprey, the Taxation Review Committee (which subsequently became known as the Asprey Committee) lead a review into Australia's taxation system in 1972. Also, Prime Minister Whitlam appointed Justice Asprey to put tax reform forward via a Taxation Review Committee noted in 1975. 11K. Taxation policy in relation to manufacturing industry : the Asprey and Mathews Committees / …So much was recognised by the Taxation Review Committee (‘Asprey Committee’) in 1975: In matters of taxation, committees of inquiry are ill-advised to offer neat time-tables and precise rates or quantities. Luk, Sabrina Ching Yuen 2018. Formerly a solicitor with Freehill Hollingdale & Page, and later, Director of Legal Precedents with Mallesons Stephen Jaques, she is now a consultant, helping lawyers and others to simplify their writing. Antony Ting presents the first comprehensive comparative study of eight consolidation regimes inEconomic Aspects and Effects of a Defined Value-Added tax in Australia* * For assistance in the preparation of this paper, the author wishes to offer his sincere thanks to the Head of the Department of Economics, University of Queensland, Mr. 4 “Tax agent” is the term used in Australia, “tax practitioner” is the term used in the US. 12See, e. In particular, we review the historical developments of the book-tax relationship in three Anglo-Saxon countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The review was independent, with broad terms of reference that provided a signifi cant degree of scope, but was limited to Commonwealth taxes. Taxation system has been introduced with the prime objective to raise the amount of revenue for the purpose of making government expenditure. 18; Reform of the Australian Taxation System, RATS, (1985) Draft White Paper Reform of the Australian Taxation System. In fact, the Asprey Taxation Review Committee first made the proposal in 1975. Similarly, the more recent and very comprehensive review of the taxation andrecommendations of the review committee in which its provenance is sourced. Korea Institute of Public Finance; Tax Academy of Singapore; Tax Reviews and reform resources. ’ Asprey K. It set the scene for a number of the changes that occurred in subsequent years. Asprey & Ross Waite Parsons, Australia Commonwealth Taxation Review Committee, Full Report ¶ 3. 14The Politics of Tax Reform in Australia Hewson, Perhaps it is no coincidence that Python and Asprey's Taxation Review Committee report both were released in 1975. 1. 1975, Taxation Review Committee —Full Report, p 430, AGPS, Canberra. It is also accepted that taxation should be based on vertical equity. So much was recognised by the Taxation Review Committee (‘Asprey Commit-tee’) in 1975: In matters of taxation, committees of inquiry are ill-advised to offer neat time-tables and precise rates …THE POLITICS OF TAX REORM IN AUSTRALIA INTRODUCTION Whenever I think of the issue of tax reform, and in particular the political and other processes on this issue over the last 40 years or so, my mind soon drifts across to recall Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail. 2. International Journal of Public and Private Perspectives on Healthcare, Culture, and the Environment, Vol. 6Commonwealth Treasury, Tax Reform: not a new tax, a new tax system, AGPS, Canberra, August 1998, p. Perhaps most significantly for the THIS month is the 40th anniversary of the final report of the Asprey committee on tax reform, which means it is four decades since a goods and services tax was first put …Content: Feature Article Environmental disclosure by Australian mining companies: environmental conscience or commercial reality? Carol A. • CGT had been recommended by the 1974 Taxation Review Committee Report (‘Asprey Report’) • Again in the 1985 Reform of the Australian Taxation System: Draft White Paper (‘White Paper’) • Original version introduced Income Tax Assessment Amendment (Capital Gains) Act 1986 and the Income Tax (Rates) Amendment (Capital Gains) Act 1986Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments. The fi ndings (reported in the 1974–75 Commonwealth Budget) recommended a substantial change to the tax mix, particularlyTaxation Review, ACT Government, Canberra. But the passages of the Taxation Review Committee’s full report of 31 January 1975 (Asprey). 8) reported that submissions had been received suggesting that net income for tax purposes should be determined by GAAP, subject to certain specific provisions in the tax legislation. Tilt and Christopher F. Taxation -- Australia. League of Nations publications on tax treaties that are the origin of Australia's modern treaty network. In the late 1990s, the Business Tax Review committee chaired by John Ralph developed business tax proposals and following that aIn this paper, we examine the relationship of tax rules and financial accounting rules in Anglo-Saxon countries. GST Distribution Review; Review of Australia’s Future Tax System (Henry Tax Review) (2009) Asprey Committee Report (1975) Review of Business Taxation Until this crucial issue is satisfactorily resolved any changes in the taxing of corporate income will not be the result of a well-supported economic analysis but will remain largely a political matter. Moreover, and above all, when a tax system becomes somewhat ossified and somewhat incoherent as has the Australian, and when rather He came to public prominence as a Royal Commissioner appointed to the second Voyager Royal Commission and on handing down of his review of the tax system in Australia in 1975. “With what they have done, people’s superannuation is now just like fish in the barrel; any future government can come along and shoot whatever they like. HOMEHe came to public prominence as a Royal Commissioner appointed to the second Voyager Royal Commission and on handing down of his review of the tax system in Australia in 1975. In this paper Simon Davies analyses the key elements of public opposition to ID Card schemes, and profiles the massive 1987 Australian campaign against a national ID card. Several taxIn 1975, the (Asprey) Taxation Review Committee (1975, ch. …The preliminary report of the Asprey Committee . 4 Australia, "Reform of the Australian Taxation System", Draft White Paper, Canberra: AGPS, 1985. The 1986 Keating reforms were also based on this underlying view. . Drawing on the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey we then estimate the TAXATION SCHOLARSHIP. By Colin Fong. Full Report January 31 1975 Taxation Review Committee Australia. Ross Parsons Centre monographsIn the context of business taxation, our first submission emphasised the high relative reliance on the taxation of capital income in Australia, which results from the …The last decade has seen major changes made to the taxation system in Australia. pdf from BSL BUS303 at Murdoch. 2. Further, the review provided by Asprey Committee was established with the view to broaden the base of income tax with Chapter 2 – Background The GST system. The report of the Taxation Review Committee (the Asprey review) released in 19757 was seminal and marked a water-shed moment in the realm of tax policy reviews. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Python, and the Asprey, Taxation Review Committee-Report were both released in …& Asprey, K. It should refer the whole of the Government’s proposed superannuation package to a Senate Committee. Introduction The Ralph Committee, consisting of three leading businessmen, John Ralph (Chairman), Rick Allert and Bob Joss, was established in 1998 to makeThe rise of corporate groups in the last century dictates a shift in the income tax law: instead of treating each company as a separate taxpayer, the tax consolidation regime is increasingly common. 1975. et al (1975) Taxation Review Committee Full Report, 31 …3 K Asprey (Chair), Taxation Review Committee – Full Report (1975) 15 (“Asprey Committee”). In 1985 a community tax summit was attempted (following an earlier ‘economic summit’ in 1983). Search . I will leave it to you to decide, who, among the political and other players over this period, best encapsulates King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table – Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the the complexities of tax simplification: an analysis of australian tax reviews introduction the utility and effectiveness of tax reform in australia hasThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) issued other guidance as well, including public information bulletins and ATO memoranda. "establishment of the Taxation Review Committee (Asprey et al 1975). Parsons, Ross Waite A digital text sponsored by Faculty of Law University of Sydney University of Sydney Library Sydney 2001The committee reported that ‘the lack of tax on capital gains is seriously inequitable’ (Taxation Review Committee 1974, 39), and suggested that the absence of a fringe benefits tax was also undermining the fairness of the personal income tax system. 2 M athew Dr umond, ‘W ickenb y blunder t ns x i q r’, A st lan Financi Review, Sydne, 22 March 2007, 1. Created Date: 10/13/2010 1:14:35 PMTaxation Office (ATO) issued other guidance as well, including public information bulletins and ATO memoranda. In the 1980s we saw the introduction of capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, dividend imputation, the taxation of superannuation and more. If the proposed legislation is passed by the House of Representatives, the Senate should subject it to careful scrutiny. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Canberra, AGPS (Draft White Paper) p. Friday, November 5, 1993 ber 5, 1993 1 1 'Aspro' - a judge of rare quality SIR ANTHONY MASON, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, writes an …In the 1970s there was the precursor to change: the Asprey Committee report. 98 ATC 4681, Federal Court of Australia, Victoria District, decision handed down on 29 June 1998. The 1974 Asprey review suggested reforms based on comprehensive income tax principles, which imply that labour and capital incomes should be taxed similarly. For the purpose of this article the terms have the same meaning – aTaxation Review Committee. 2, Issue. Delany, T, “Trust Income: A Taxing Issue” (1994) 6(5) CCH J of Australian Taxation 48 at 49 Asprey taxation review committee
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